The first wellbeing platform of its kind is here.

Support that adapts using AI to proactively increase wellbeing and offer 24/7 support to employees across all smart devices. Including phones, tablets, smartwatches and desktops.

Wellbeing done different.

Adaptive, Proactive, Unique To Every User.

Physical, Mental & Financial wellbeing content delivered to users based on their mood, lifestyle, job role, activity level and more. Because every employee deserves support, and every person is unique.

Employee Feature Highlights
Employer Feature Highlights
Education & Student Features
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Facts & Figures

What can Wellmi do for your business

A few stats to give you an idea of the Wellmi platform, and it’s background.

18k +
Active clients benefiting from Wellmi.
680 +
Hours of physical, mental & financial support content in accessible formats.
Crisis Support Hotlines Built In.
13 +
Years Supporting Wellbeing.
Our Company Values

On a mission to change employee wellbeing forever.

Wellmi was founded on the belief that wellbeing support should be unique to the individual, the business and the environment.

% of employees who lives improved from Wellmi.
% of employees that reported a lower rate of injuries at work.
% of employers that saw an increase in workforce productivity.

Supporting employees and organisations around the world.

Mental, physical and financial wellbeing support that isn’t defined by time zone, nationality or industry. Support your employees anytime, anyplace with Wellmi.


A few clients that Wellmi has provided Corporate Wellbeing services for.

We believe in wellbeing that's accessible for all.

That’s why we don’t reduce features based on plans. Enjoy everything Wellmi has to offer at any scale.

Independents/sole traders

Wellbeing Support for Individuals
£ 5
PCM - Per Employee
  • Every feature that makes Wellmi special.

Small Business

Everything to support your workforce
£ 3
PCM - Per Employee
  • Every feature that makes Wellmi special.


Advanced solution for businesses
£ 1
PCM - Per Employee
  • Every feature that makes Wellmi special.

Larger Organisations

15p PCM - Per Employee
  • Every feature that makes Wellmi special.

What our incredible clients
say about us

We couldn’t be prouder of our work to improve worldwide wellbeing.

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself.

"We were looking for someone to talk around different elements of health and wellbeing and Wellmi came highly recommended from a number of people. After the first conversation I quickly realised just why those recommendations came in thick and fast. The ability to quickly put you at ease with topics that can often be hard to discuss. Incredibly easy and I look forward to doing more with them in the future."
O. Edkins
Training & Engagement Manager
The Cotswold Group
"Understood the business, the audience and the objectives and was paramount in making the event a complete success and thoroughly enjoyable for all participants from 26 operating companies. - Speaking about Wellmi's role delivering wellbeing content as part of a hybrid EMEA conference."
A. Davis
Marketing Director
“Wellmi has helped reduce the stress levels our drivers experience and in doing so has drastically reduced workplace related absenteeism, we couldn’t be happier with the feedback we’ve been getting from our drivers. Previously, our drivers wouldn’t have considered using an employee wellbeing app. Never mind content like Pilates and stress management, but the fact that the content on Wellmi is specific to the individuals needs and job role has made a huge difference."
C. Newell
Managing Director

Wellmi Around The World.

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