Courier Leads By Example And Delivers On Driver Wellbeing.

Long hours, longer miles and low staff wellbeing are synonymous with haulage and courier firms across the country. However, for one Gloucestershire based firm (Newell Courier Services) the improved wellbeing of it’s staff, drivers and subcontractors has been on the rise and business is looking brighter than ever.

NCS operates within the county of Gloucestershire and provides a host of delivery services with it’s fleet of vehicles. A local success story with a great future, we spoke to Managing Director Chris Newell about the positive effect Wellmi has had on it’s drivers physical and mental wellbeing, as well as the decision to make wellbeing for it’s workforce a high priority.

“Wellmi has helped reduce the stress levels our drivers experience and in doing so has drastically reduced workplace related absenteeism, we couldn’t be happier with the feedback we’ve been getting from our drivers”

NCS couriers first began to use Wellmi (An AI assisted health & wellbeing app) during the pandemic, and say’s it’s personalised content tailored to job roles has been a key factor in changing the opinion of it’s workforce around employee wellbeing support.

“Previously, our drivers wouldn’t have considered using an employee wellbeing app. Never mind content like Pilates and stress management, but the fact that the content on Wellmi is specific to the individuals needs and job role has made a huge difference. When a driver see’s a video called Pilates for driving jobs and stress management busy roads they think. Ok I’ll at least give that a go.”

C.Newell – MD

The logistics industry has seen huge growth during the pandemic with consumer spending patterns and home shopping seeing huge uplift. This has lead to a huge demand for courier services, alongside the increased workload faced by drivers during busy periods.

With forward thinking, growth focused companies like NCS leading the way with a proactive approach to employee wellbeing support, the industry outlook is positive and employees can look forward to a health, happy career ahead in logistics.

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