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The Wellmi Journey.

Founded with the purpose of bringing wellbeing to everyone who needs it. We share the belief that both physical and mental wellbeing are equally important, so we set out to create a place where people can enjoy both, whenever and wherever they need it.

Released in Aug 2022
Features planned for 2023
hours of wellbeing support delivered every week
carbon neutral by 2025
Our Company Values

we believe in making our dent in the universe.

We work to change the narrative around wellbeing support.

No more tick box exercise. More life changing support.

Digital AND human support In synergy
Personalised to EVERY individual humans needs.
Wherever, Whenever, However you need it.
Our Team

Founders/Board Of Directors

Ben Caton

Managing Director

Nick Adkins

Business Development Director

Mark Devereux

Non Executive Director - Technology

Advisory Board

Dr Aishah Iqbal

Clinical Medicine and public sector

Catherine Wood

Employee HR, Training & Development

Announced Soon

Employee Trade Unions

Announced Soon

Clinical Psychology

Announced Soon

Technology & Artificial Learning

Announced Soon

Culture & Society

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