What is wellmi?

Product Overview

Complete Well-being support from a proactive, intelligent and supportive system.

With Wellmi you can proactively support the well-being of your entire workforce. Providing your staff with the tools they need to take on any challenges they face in the modern world. Both at home, and at work. 

Utilising one of the largest libraries of professional advice, support and guidance available. All tailored to their needs in an instant.

All of this, plus confidential crisis support built in. Providing relevant emergency helpline access to users the moment their mood drops.

That’s Wellmi.

Wellmi, listening to and supporting the needs of your workforce. 24/7.

Wellmi utilises modern AI and data learning tools to actively provide employees with the support that will help them the most. Constantly adapting to the requests, mood and job role of each employee, and then tailoring the material provided to maximise the positive effect it has on both their mental and physical wellbeing.

With content that is created by qualified industry leading experts in every field. You can be sure that the help and support you are providing to your employees through Wellmi is the absolute best available. 

Just A Few Examples Of The Amazing Content On Wellmi.

  • Stress reduction
  • Depression and anxiety support
  • Workplace conflict
  • Trauma Support
  • Addiction help including gambling
  • Substance abuse, or concern
  • Domestic abuse
  • Grief and loss
  • Critical incidents
  • Trauma Support
  • Desk and Driving job specific Pilates & Yoga
  • Injury Prevention
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Workplace stress mitigation
  • Job burnout
  • Coping with change
  • Career development
  • Relationship issues Inc. Separation and divorce
  • Childcare and parenting issues
  • Menopausal support
Wellbeing done differently

how Wellmi Works With You
To Unlock The Health, Potential
and Wellbeing Of Your business.

Support that is specific to the needs of every individual in your diverse workforce.
Automatically Adapting the support provided to every single user and their needs. So you can focus on the bigger picture.
Measure Wellbeing Of Individual Departments, Roles & Job Types Within Your Business.
Working seamlessly across all of your employees devices. Meaning they are never without support.
All that plus you can use Wellmi to instantly publish customised surveys to your employees worldwide.
Complete system oversight for your HR team with the powerful dashboard.
Create Custom Employee Surveys

Wellmi allows HR and company admins to create and publish custom employee surveys in seconds.

Gaining valuable insight into the thoughts, feelings and engagement of your workforce from within an environment they feel comfortable with.

All the information gathered can be viewed from within the admin dashboard and GDPR compliant reports generated as required. 

Reporting & Insights

Unlock the health, wellbeing and potential of your people.

Why analytics and insights matter

As an employer, it’s important you meet your business goals and build productive and engaged teams. That’s why Wellmi provides feedback, analytics and insights to help you track trends and utilisation across your organisation.

Tailor your HR approach to pinpoint what matters most.

Wellmi is here to help you understand what’s happening within your business. Discover which team’s doing great, what topics everyone is focused on and what topics are making a positive difference for your people with in-depth, real-time feedback and analytics. 

Measure the engagement of every department, role or job type within your business.

With our analytics and insights, we measure your employees’ engagement and help you identify all the positive trends that are keeping your workforce dialled in and productive. While helping to highlight areas of improvement ahead of time. 

Utilisation and engagement reports

Emerging issues, user demographics, outcomes.

Additional reporting metric

Workforce demographic and client satisfaction data.

Annual insights reports

Usage trends and top wellbeing issues, risk management, workforce productivity, comments and programme recommendations.

Dashboard data

Usage statistics, key issues, hot trends, and data broken down all the way to individual job role types