How Is Wellmi Different?


Some Over £15/month (per employee)
  • Pay Extra For Different Features
  • No Custom Support/Same For Every User
  • Rarely Updated Or Refreshed
  • No Emergency Crisis Support
  • No Insights To The Business


Starting at Less Than £1/month (per employee)
  • No Feature Reductions On Plans
  • Unique Support To Every Single User
  • New Content Each Week
  • Built In Crisis Support
  • Powerful Insights To Your Business
  • 87% of employees’ say they consider health & wellness offerings when choosing an employer.

  • 77% of employees’ said that employee wellness programs positively effect their corporate culture.

  • 26% of UK businesses are currently monitoring their employee wellbeing. This is expected to rise to 41% by 2025.

  • 23% of UK businesses provide information and techniques to improve their employees’ wellbeing.

  • 40% of UK businesses still have no mental health policy in place as of 2019. We aim to change this.

Figures taken from FSB First Voice Survey Nov/Dec 2019